4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults.

4-H Motto: "To make the best better"

About Us

4-H is the largest youth development organization in Michigan, with nearly 200,000 youth between the ages of 5 and 19 participating. Because Michigan 4-H is part of MSU Extension, the activities your kids participate in are all backed by and based on child development research. We use experiential (i.e. hands-on, feet-wet) learning and time spent intentionally thinking about what’s been learned to make it a meaningful experience, with skills and ideas learned that last a lifetime.

It’s a fact: kids who participate in 4-H get better grades, are more likely to go to college, are less likely to use drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, and are more likely to give back to their communities.

To become a 4-H member or volunteer please contact your local MSU Extension office or contact the Alpena MSU Extension office at (989) 354-9870 and we can direct you to your local 4-H Program Coordinator.

4-H Youth Development Program, MSU Extension
Alpena MSU Extension
603 South 11th Avenue
Alpena, MI 49707
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4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resource Campers investigate impacts of aquatic invasive species on biodiversity of native fish
Upon discovering, documenting invasive round gobies in Presque Isle County’s Lake Esau, 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources campers launched an investigation to study the impacts of non-native aquatic invaders in this local lake.
4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Campers Discover and Map Federally Threatened Pitcher's Thistle Plants of Coastal Lake Huron
Seventy Michigan youth gathered to learn about Michigan's natural resources through amazing hands-on experiences at the 2011 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp (GLNR).
4-H Student Stewards
Student Stewards getting involved with Underwater Robotics!
Alcona Community Garden
Teachers and students from Alcona Community Schools, local volunteers and community partners have come together to make a difference in their community!
Alcona Community High School - Negwegon State Park Interpretive Signs Info
Alcona Library Reading Garden
Alcona First Graders apply their science and math, reading and art skills each year while learning about and caring for the Alcona County Library Laura Jane Musser reading garden at the Harrisville branch.
Alpena High School - Bagley Creek Restoration, Wildlife Sanctuary Water Quality Info
Atlanta - Water Quality Monitoring Project
7th and 8th grade students are visiting multiple sites along the upper waters of the Thunder Bay River to monitor river health.
Black River Watershed Monitoring and Management Planning
Environmental Science Students partner in monitoring and developing a watershed management plan for their local Black River Watershed
Building Stewardship in Local Waters
Alcona Middle Schoolers Study Water Quality, Wetlands and the Effects of Marine Debris
Cheboygan Middle School - Green School Initiative
On school grounds we are moving towards a garden, alternative energy, and a recycling program.
Ella White - Native Fish and Restoration Project
From Sturgeon on Loan, to raising Lake Trout in the classroom, these 5th graders focus on the most wanted species in Lake Huron.
Hubbard Lake Water Quality Monitoring
Students use chemical and aquatic invertebrate tests to determine health of Hubbard Lake.
Industrial Arts Students Support Lake Huron Coastal Habitat by Preserving Hibernacula in Alpena
Alpena High School industrial arts teachers Scott MacKenzie and Zach Grulke are getting their students involved in the local community through placed based education.
Inland Lakes- Energy and Habitat project
Students in 5th-7th grade will be looking at environmentally friendly energy and landscaping in Habitat for Humanity homes
Lean, Green Wolverines!
We will be working on plant science, health and nutrition, and sustainability projects through: Purchasing a greenhouse; Developing a health and fitness bike trail; Enhancing the school recycling program.
NOAA Great Lakes B-WET -  Our Rivers, Our Future
NOAA's B-WET program is an environmental education program that promotes locally relevant, experiential learning in the K-12 environment.
Northeast Michigan Earth Day Bag Project
Raising Awareness about the Danger of Plastic Bags in the Great Lakes
Onaway Area High School - Green Lab Info
Oscoda Owls Explore the Pine River - Van Etten Lake Watershed!
Oscoda Middle School students are stepping up and becoming natural resources leaders in their local watershed through place based education.
Richardson Elementary Middle School - Owl Green Team
The Owl Green Team is a school garden club. This student led garden functions in many ways. Students plant and maintain a perennial flower and grass garden. Students grow seedlings in the school greenhouse in the Spring and Fall.
Rockport State Recreation Area Geology Explorations
A great location for students to explore the history and time periods of the earth through the geological remains found here.
Rogers City Middle School - Trout River Watershed Info
ROV STEM Enrichment
4-H Student Stewards received a grant to increase STEM awareness during the summer of 2014.
Studying the Watershed of Alcona County Info
The Thunder Bay River Watershed Project Info
Vernal Pool Patrol Project
Monitoring seasonal wetlands across northern Michigan


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