Videos About NEMIGLSI

Check out these short videos to learn more about the NEMIGLSI network and our role in supporting students, educators and the community through place-based stewardship education!

Student Project Videos

Charity Island Pitcher's Thistle Project: 4th graders from Au Gres - Sims Elementary map the federally threatened Pitcher's Thistle on Big Charity Island. 

Place-Based Stewardship Education from the Student Perspective: student interviews about their experiences with PBSE.

Plastics 101: A film developed by Ella White Elementary 5th graders that looks at the life cycle of plastics and their effects on the Great Lakes

Native Pollinator Garden Installation: 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders from Besser Elementary worked together to plant native flowers in their schoolyard.

Microplastics 101: A film written and edited by Ella White Elementary 5th graders that takes a closer look at microplastics and their harmful effects.

Au Gres - Sims High School Rain Garden: students designed & constructed a rain garden in their schoolyard to mitigate the effects of stormwater