The Thunder Bay International Film Festival has come to an end, and the 2nd Annual Student Film Competition has declared a winner. The winner of this year’s Student Film Competition is, Dy’Shauna Rutherford.

A native of Rogers City, Rutherford along with other students throughout the state of Michigan, and the U.S. traveled to Alpena to compete in this year’s film competition called, ‘BioDiversityIs.’

Over 14 teams showcased their work while explaining through their films what “BioDiversity” meant to them. Rutherford created a piece that meant “Unity.” The Rogers City High School student said her backyard inspired her.

“My backyard because I spend the most time by there and there’s a lot of wildlife. I live in such a nature driven area where nature is most important out of everything, so it’s really close to home,” she described.

Rutherford said she faced some challenges when creating her piece, but in the end there was unity. Next years student competition theme will be called, “SanctuariesAre.”

Rutherford was also selected as the People’s Choice Award.

2nd Place: Camryn Bullock, Rogers City, MI: #BiodiversityIs Home (HS)
3rd Place: Gerda Metsma & Kristin Munski, Selma, CA: Biodiversity is what makes us one  (HS)
Middle School Selection: Isabella Pitts & Angelee Piechan, Rogers City, MI: #BiodiversityIs Life (MS)
(Original source: WBKB)
Created on Monday, December 11, 2017