Michigan Sea Grant supports research, outreach, and education to enhance sustainable use of Great Lakes resources, benefiting the environment, the quality of life, and the Michigan, Great Lakes, and national economy.

About Us

Our research and outreach programs promote better understanding, conservation, and use of Michigan's coastal resources.

Michigan Sea Grant currently funds scientific research, education, training, and extension projects designed to foster science-based decisions about the use and conservation of Great Lakes resources. Federal funds are matched with funds from state, tribal, business, and other sources to carry out the programs. 

Sea Grant also promotes access to science-based information about Michigan's coasts and the Great Lakes. Free publications include fact sheets, reports, articles, and other documents available to download. Also, the online bookstore offers free or affordable publications. 

Michigan Sea Grant
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4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resource Campers investigate impacts of aquatic invasive species on biodiversity of native fish
Upon discovering, documenting invasive round gobies in Presque Isle County’s Lake Esau, 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources campers launched an investigation to study the impacts of non-native aquatic invaders in this local lake.
4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Campers Discover and Map Federally Threatened Pitcher's Thistle Plants of Coastal Lake Huron
Seventy Michigan youth gathered to learn about Michigan's natural resources through amazing hands-on experiences at the 2011 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp (GLNR).
Alcona Community High School - Negwegon State Park Interpretive Signs Info
Alpena High School - Bagley Creek Restoration, Wildlife Sanctuary Water Quality Info
Alpena High School - Shipwreck Alley
Students will collect the oral histories, help preserve artifacts, and help develop an educational exhibit to encourage stewardship and preservation of the Lake Huron fishery.
Alpena Public Schools - LaFarge Fossil Park  at Jesse Besser Museum
High school and elementary students bring awareness to the amazing geology of northeast Michigan.
Atlanta - Water Quality Monitoring Project
7th and 8th grade students are visiting multiple sites along the upper waters of the Thunder Bay River to monitor river health.
Au Gres River - Water Monitoring
Students from Au Gres-Sims Elementary have joined interested community partners to monitor the health of the East Branch of the Au Gres River from head waters to its outlet in Lake Huron.
Besser Elementary - Water Quality Monitoring - Arbor Day
4th grade students from Besser Elementary visit Duck Park/Island Park twice a year to learn and monitor river health.
Black River Watershed Monitoring and Management Planning
Environmental Science Students partner in monitoring and developing a watershed management plan for their local Black River Watershed
Building Stewardship in Local Waters
Alcona Middle Schoolers Study Water Quality, Wetlands and the Effects of Marine Debris
BWET Grant Gets Students Exploring Local Resources
Posen Students Build Appreciation and Understanding of Local Resources
Charity Island Project
Au Gres-Sims Students Conduct Research on Threatened Pitcher’s Thistle
Ella White - Native Fish and Restoration Project
From Sturgeon on Loan, to raising Lake Trout in the classroom, these 5th graders focus on the most wanted species in Lake Huron.
Fish Habitat Days at Paxton Quarry
In partnership with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Friends of the Lake Huron Watershed, and Lafarge, 3rd graders from Hinks Elementary are learning to fish and cast, while exploring the natural habitats in the flooded quarry.
Great Lakes Fisheries in the Classroom Efforts
Raising Lake Sturgeon, Chinook Salmon, and Lake Trout in the classroom to help our fisheries!
Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Trail Stories
Science in the Sanctuary students collect stories from northern Lake Huron communities to contribute to the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Trail website
Hubbard Lake Water Quality Monitoring
Students use chemical and aquatic invertebrate tests to determine health of Hubbard Lake.
Industrial Arts Students Support Lake Huron Coastal Habitat by Preserving Hibernacula in Alpena
Alpena High School industrial arts teachers Scott MacKenzie and Zach Grulke are getting their students involved in the local community through placed based education.
Island Park Stewardship & Salmon in the Classroom
Students provide stewardship for Island Park by removing invasives, preventing marine debris and more.
Lincoln Elementary - BWET- Island Mill Park
Students use chemical and aquatic invertebrate tests to determine health of the Thunder Bay River
Microplastics Research Project in Lake Huron
Alpena High Schools Chemistry students apply their learning to Lake Huron to collect and analyze micro-plastics from Thunder Bay.
NOAA Great Lakes B-WET -  Our Rivers, Our Future
NOAA's B-WET program is an environmental education program that promotes locally relevant, experiential learning in the K-12 environment.
Northeast Michigan Earth Day Bag Project
Raising Awareness about the Danger of Plastic Bags in the Great Lakes
Oscoda Owls Explore the Pine River - Van Etten Lake Watershed!
Oscoda Middle School students are stepping up and becoming natural resources leaders in their local watershed through place based education.
Rogers City Middle School - Trout River Watershed Info
Salmon in the Classroom and Learning Harbor Ecosystems
Alcona Elementary students raise salmon and take care of their shoreline by preventing marine debris
Studying the Watershed of Alcona County Info
The Thunder Bay River Watershed Project Info
Thompson's Harbor State Park Threatened and Endangered Species Info
Threatened and Endangered Species at Negwegon State Park
Alcona seventh and eighth graders are working to educate their local community on threatened and endangered species that can be found at Negwegon State Park.
Thunder Bay Junior High - Lake Huron Adopt-a-Beach
The Adopt-a-Beach Program is more than just a beach sweep. Teams conduct litter removal and monitoring, and also complete a beach health assessment form that includes science-based observation and testing.
Vernal Pool Patrol Project
Monitoring seasonal wetlands across northern Michigan


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