Alcona Middle Schoolers get a big dose of place-based stewardship education, with a lot of their focus and lessons being outdoors in their community.

Middle school science teacher Liz Thomson has 6th graders learning about forest ecosystems, biodiversity, cell theory and invasive species management.  In 7th grade they shift to water with many field visits involving water studies, in abiotic and biotic environments.  In 8th grade they build on their land and water education to dive into wetland ecology. 

During the 2022-2023 school year students visited many areas that impact to water system in Alcona county to take samples, data and pick up trash to prevent marine debris.

Some highlights included:
-aquatic organism study and charting from the Thunder Bay River
-vernal pool monitoring at Negwegon State Park
-fisheries surveys at Badger Lake
-documenting trash collected at all five field visits (more than 50 pounds) and writing formal reports to inform the public and share strategies for reduction

Here are a couple of links to social media posts we shared after a few of the field visits:
Instagram Post #1
Instagram Post #2