The project will include working with teachers, community partners, youth, and volunteers from the Wolverine School and community to develop and document a list of recommended resources and curriculum for gardening/horticulture/health and nutrition Lesson plans that feature using healthy food sources, and are based on experiential, inquiry based learning.

The proposed project involves a partnership between the Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (NEMIGLSI), Michigan State University Extension (classes of students becoming 4-H Clubs within their classrooms), Wolverine Schools, parents, various other community partners, and Little Traverse Conservancy. The primary goal of this project lies within the Academic Success Logic Model of the MSU Extension Children and Youth Institute:

CY-1-SL-L1: Youth increase science knowledge and learn problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making life skills. CY-1-SL-L2: Adults gain knowledge and skills to engage youth in science through an experiential, inquiry based learning process.

The community may benefit from this project through:

Communicating the importance of local agriculture/produce as the first source of food Improving health and nutrition/food systems (biotechnology) Decreasing environmental and social costs Forming new community/business connections around tasty, healthy, and trustworthy foods Entrepreneurial development, forming new local commerce, community connections, and markets. Helping to build a sense of place—that will ultimately help to strengthen Michigan.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013