Working with the Besser Museum, 4th graders are investigating the history of the Alpena Flyer, a car manufactured in Alpena during the early 1900s.  There is only one model of the Alpena Flyer still in existence, and it is located at the Besser Museum.  


To benefit the museum, students are researching the Alpena Flyer.  From this research, they will create a brochure to highlight the attributes that make it unique and to point out the competition it faced with the Henry Ford’s assembly-line-built Model T.  


With this project, students learn more about Alpena's history with car manufacturing, and they better understand the impact of the assembly line on the automotive industry.  It also facilitates their understanding of the regional impact of the car industry in Michigan.  Through this project, students build skills in historical analysis and graphic design.  Overall, this project highlights how students can learn more about their community's history while benefiting their local area!