The primary goal of  the Alpena Children's Advocacy Centers is to ensure that children disclosing abuse are not further victimized by the intervention systems designed to protect them. In addition our prevention efforts include a focus on minimizing opportunities that foster possible child abuse and neglect. Our recent partnership with the Ella White “Spruce Up” has worked to diminish potentially harmful situations for irresponsible play by removing low hanging branches and clearing brush. Practical actions in prevention can make a huge impact on maximizing fun, safe and visible environments for our children. If there are future issues or concerns regarding the safety of a child, please contact 1-855-444-3911 or contact the Alpena Children’s Advocacy Center at 989-358-3564. Recognize it. Report it. Be part of the solution.

Alpena Child Advocacy Center


Ella White Nature Area
In a green space outside of their school, 3rd graders and pre-schoolers have decided to restore the school Nature Area and create a learning space with benches.