Rogers City students are working to enhance the habitat of Michigan’s areal migrants at Thompson’s Harbor State Park. Woodworking students partnered with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources through the Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative network.

Students designed and built blue bird houses to place at Thompson’s Harbor State Park. These bird houses will provide future habitat for areal migrants along Lake Huron. Munger said she is excited to get her students involved in a real life project through placed based education. The goal is to have the blue bird houses installed throughout the park by the end of the year. Blake Gingrich, with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, is excited to get students involved in a project focusing on enhancing Thompson’s Harbor State Park’s habitat for wildlife and said without the support from students this project would not have been possible.

Woodworking students are excited to continue learning though placed based education and are looking forward to completing more projects starting this fall. Some other ideas students are looking into include designing and building a vermiculture composting bin that can be used to recycle the school’s cafeteria waste and building raised garden boxes for the area. If you would like to learn more about what Rogers City industrial arts students are working on Click Here. This project was funded through the Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative.


Woodworking students built Blue Bird Houses to place at Thompson's Harbor State Park. Courtesy of North American Blue Bird Society.

Thompson's Harbor State Park is situated along seven and a half miles of Lake Huron shoreline, this undeveloped park is a prime rustic retreat for hikers and birders interested in exploring the park's six miles of trails.

Blake Gingrich, with the MI DNR Parks and Recreation talked with woodworking students on their trip to Thompson’s Harbor State Park and explained the importance of protecting the biodiversity of the park - Which is exactly what the students are doing!