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Specification Stone Products operates two Michigan quarries – the Onaway quarry and the Alpena quarry. The Onaway quarry was started in the 1940s. The stone from this quarry was highly sought after due to its excellent design properties. In fact, the local post office was made with stone from this quarry. The Glawe family had been involved in the forestry and lumber business and had previously worked with Wallace Stone in sorting Rip Rap. This Rip Rap has been used for all the marinas around the area. The family purchased the Onaway quarry and, later, the Alpena operations.The Alpena quarry was purchased in 1987 from Straights Aggregates, which was owned by the Detroit and Mackinaw Railroad. They started the quarry in 1980. In 2009, both the Onaway and Alpena operations were purchased by the Levy Group of Companies.

The stone from these quarries has been used for many interesting and beautiful applications including:

Our Lady of the Wood Shrine in Mio, Michigan – Indian River, Michigan

A number of Earl A. Young Houses in Charlevoix, Michigan

Stone Indian Head located at the Michigan Magazine Museum in Fairview, Michigan

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Alpena Public Schools - LaFarge Fossil Park  at Jesse Besser Museum
High school and elementary students bring awareness to the amazing geology of northeast Michigan.