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Cities, townships and counties in rural areas often cannot afford the staff to do grant writing, comprehensive land use, zoning, transportation planning, digital mapping, economic & community development, integrated environmental planning, & the coordination of other services. The Northeast Michigan Council of Governments (NEMCOG) was established in 1968 as a multi-county organization to pool resources for the assistance of local governments in the region. NEMCOG is governed by a policy board that includes elected officials, business leaders and citizens representatives from throughout the eight-county region.  Services are supported by local government appropriations, special services contracts and state and federal grants.  

NEMCOG is a catalyst for strategic planning, and in this role has assisted local governments obtain millions of dollars in federal and state grants for vital local projects and services. In addition to planning, NEMCOG also sponsors many other programs, including Community Correction and Watershed Projects.

Northeast Michigan Council of Governments
80 Livingston Blvd Suite U-108
Gaylord, MI 49734
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Black River Watershed Monitoring and Management Planning
Environmental Science Students partner in monitoring and developing a watershed management plan for their local Black River Watershed