The mission of Alpena Community College is to meet lifelong learning needs by providing educational opportunities through effective stewardship of resources.

About Us

ACC offers two-year degrees, one-year certificates, customized corporate training, and community education to all of Northeast Michigan. Each semester, ACC attracts more than 2,000 students of diverse ages, backgrounds, and academic goals. Smaller classes sizes, affordable tuition, and the convenience of two campus locations and online courses, make Alpena Community College a great choice weather you are starting college for the first time, or coming back to school for a new career or additional training. At ACC, you can work on a college degree or acquire specific skills in a number of fields to move you forward in your occupation, plus the courses you complete can be transferred to a four-year college or university.

Alpena Community College
665 Johnson Street
Alpena, MI 49707
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Alpena Public Schools - LaFarge Fossil Park  at Jesse Besser Museum
High school and elementary students bring awareness to the amazing geology of northeast Michigan.
ROV STEM Enrichment
4-H Student Stewards received a grant to increase STEM awareness during the summer of 2014.


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