To provide for the health, safety and welfare of Presque Isle County citizens and the protection of surface water and the environment and to promote the long term environmental and economic sustainability of Presque Isle County by providing storm water management, flood control, development review, and water quality programs.

Vision: The Drain Commissioner's Office provides an important public service by providing pro-active, environmentally sound and, cost effective, approaches to storm water management, and creating an educated citizenry that recognizes and acts upon it’s role in water resource stewardship.

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Presque Isle County Drain Commissioner

To advance water resource protection, the Drain Commissioner is also implementing a range of watershed planning and water quality programs. Working with businesses, citizens, local government officials, and schools to make stream, lake, and waterway protection and integral part of the land use decisions and land management activities. Stream and watershed protection projects have been implemented or are underway in many parts of the County including the Ocqueoc River Watershed, Lake Nettie, Rainy River, and the Swam River Watershed.

Presque Isle County Drain Commissioner
658 South Bradley Highway
P.O. Box 110
Rogers City, MI 49779
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