The mission of Alcona Community Schools, in partnership with our community, is to educate and empower each student to become a caring, responsible, competent world citizen.

About Us

At Alcona Community Schools, we believe that a commitment to Excellence Today leads to student Success Tomorrow. We are committed to becoming a premier public school district that has high expectations for students and staff, engages and supports all learners, and produces highly competent students prepared for college or careers.

We welcome parent and community involvement in our schools! We know that our success depends upon a strong, positive relationship with our community to support learning goals. Get involved in our schools. You will always be welcome!

We hope you will find the information and resources on our website useful and valuable. We are constantly seeking to improve our services and welcome suggestions and feedback. Our children are the key to the future and ensuring their success is our highest priority.

Students investigate a fish during watershed studies
Hands-on with a fish during watershed studies field day
Releasing Chinook salmon into Mill Creek
Releasing Chinook salmon into Mill Creek
Planting day at Alcona Library Garden
Planting day at Alcona Library Garden
Alcona Elementary
181 North Barlow Road
Lincoln, MI 48742
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Alcona Community Garden
Teachers and students from Alcona Community Schools, local volunteers and community partners have come together to make a difference in their community!
Alcona Library Reading Garden
Alcona First Graders apply their science and math, reading and art skills each year while learning about and caring for the Alcona County Library Laura Jane Musser reading garden at the Harrisville branch.
Great Lakes Fisheries in the Classroom Efforts
Raising Lake Sturgeon, Chinook Salmon, and Lake Trout in the classroom to help our fisheries!
Harrisville Harbor Exploration
Alcona 2nd Graders Build an Understanding and Appreciation for Nature
Rockport State Recreation Area Geology Explorations
A great location for students to explore the history and time periods of the earth through the geological remains found here.
Salmon in the Classroom and Learning Harbor Ecosystems
Alcona Elementary students raise salmon and take care of their shoreline by preventing marine debris


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