Friday, June 2, 2023


This exciting opportunity was developed with the goal of helping schools build a community of support for sustained Great Lakes place-based stewardship education (PBSE) with a specific focus on marine debris prevention projects. With support of a PBSE coach, teacher teams will begin or expand marine debris prevention stewardship projects with their students, attend professional learning opportunities customized to teacher needs, and receive financial assistance to bring their projects to life. If selected, this opportunity will financially support school teams for two years as they build their community network to sustain Great Lakes PBSE for many years.

A “School Team” is a group of teachers that will work together to plan and implement a place-based stewardship education project within your community. This includes developing and implementing a marine debris prevention project in collaboration with one or more community partners/organizations.  Size and composition of a team is flexible (multiple teachers in one grade, same subject teachers, small group of 2-3 teachers, etc.).

This form will assist you in planning and will provide the Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (NEMIGLSI) with important information regarding your school team’s participation.  On-going professional development is a cornerstone of NEMIGLSI, and this form will help you make plans for the next two school years (2023-2024 and 2024-2025).  Please keep a copy as a planning aid and submit a copy to Meag Schwartz ( by June 2, 2023. 

Benefits for Participating School Teams

Participating schools and educator teams will receive educational resources and training, access to marine debris prevention-focused professional learning opportunities and funds to support student studies and stewardship projects connecting marine debris, watershed health, and our communities. Each selected team will benefit from exciting marine debris prevention partnerships, educational resources, and project/field visit stipend valued at an expected $1500+ per educator. 

  • $1500 stewardship project stipend per educator

  • No cost participation in kick-off and other professional learning

  • Place-based stewardship education (PBSE) coaching/mentoring

  • Financial support for state/national professional learning on an application basis

  • Membership in a network of educator and community partners/experts dedicated to place-based stewardship education

Expectations of Participating School Teams 

  • Attend Kickoff on August 2, 2023 from 9:30am-2:00pm, location to be determined.

  • Attend Regional Networking Meeting on February 20, 2024, 9am-2pm

  • Participate in at least one additional Professional Learning Opportunities relevant to your project area and PBSE

    • July 17-19, 2023, Lake Huron Watershed Place-Based Stewardship Education Summer Institute

    • November 14, 2023, Green Infrastructure Workshop for Educators

    • December 7, 2023, 10am- 2pm, Taking a Bite out of Lunchroom Waste curriculum training, Tollgate Farm, Novi, MI

    • February 27, 2024, 10am-2pm, Grant Writing Workshop for Educators

    • Summer/Fall 2024, Local (Northeast Michigan) Taking a Bite Out of Lunchroom Waste curriculum training

    • Dates TBD: ArcGIS Workshop, Video Editing Workshop, Science on a Sphere Workshop

  • Student fall field explorations/site visits connected to the marine debris focus of the school team’s choice. This should include a beach/watershed/schoolyard cleanup with your students.

  • PBSE project with students including in-classroom preparation, follow-up, and analysis from field explorations (connecting watershed studies with marine debris stewardship) where students identify at least one marine debris related issue to research and identify potential solutions, advocate for and implement solutions. 

  • Student spring field visit that implements stewardship action in your community connected to the marine debris focus of the school team’s choice. (rain garden installation, recycling solution, fishing line receptacles, marine debris art installation, water bottle filling station, etc.)