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Student Leadership Groups


The SLuGs are a student-led environmental group that provides its members opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills through active service to their local community.


Each member:

  • develops interpersonal skills, teamwork, communication, human relations and social interaction
  • strengthens confidence in themselves and their work
  • builds character, promotes citizenship, volunteerism community pride
  • encourages wise management of economic, environmental, and community resources
  • is encouraged to set and achieve goals


Acting as if the future matters and that our actions make a difference in the outcome.

 Definition of COMMUNITY

A place where individuals come together for the betterment of the people, schools, and businesses of the environment in which they live.


Student Leadership Groups (SLuGs) are made up of six to ten high school students supervised at the school level by a teacher-advisor and at the regional level by coordination from the NE MI GLSI.

SLuGs meet at the school level monthly (or as needed) and at the regional level quarterly. Regional meetings take place at a convenient central location with food and transportation stipends provided by GLSI.

Through its many significant investments in Northeast Michigan schools and communities, GLSI aspires to not only build future generations of community and environmental leaders but also to facilitate buckthornremoval20028.jpgnetworks of youth capable of working together to take on and solve the environmental and economic challenges of Northeast Michigan. GLSI therefore facilitates a network of Student Leadership Groups (SLuGs) capable of working autonomously at the school level as well as collaboratively at the regional level.  SLuGs are intended to complement and work in partnership with existing regional youth leadership networks such as FFA, 4-H and the Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan Youth Advisory Council. 

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To start your OWN SLuGs chapter at your school, complete this Registration Form.

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