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Proposed Projects

A4GL Adopt-a-Beach

Download FREE Lesson Plans here!   Dear Friend, We know that, as an educator, you are busy wrapping up the school year. That's why the Alliance wants to help you get a head start on the 2018-2019 school year with an excellent service learning and field trip opportunity to enrich your students' understanding of the more...


High School students are interested in creating a fitness trail on the Alcona campus which would utilize a wooded area and land around the school. The trail would include fitness stations with instructions and maps locating the variety of workouts and options for use. Run, jog, or walk and burn some more...


Community Partners: Michigan Sea Grant

The Michigan Clean Marina Program aims to promote environmentally sound marina and boating practices to reduce pollution, enhance fish and wildlife habitat and protect Great Lakes water quality.   Marinas participating in the program voluntarily pledge to maintain and improve Michigan’s waterways by reducing or eliminating releases of harmful substances and phasing out more...


BaySail aims to foster environmental stewardship through hands-on exploration of watershed phenomena aboard a tall ship or in the classroom. Use their tall ships to expand the scope of your classroom's learning and enhance your PBSE project!


Community Partners: Michigan DNR - Wildlife & Habitat, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA Forest Service, Huron Pines

Students will also learn how this unique natural resource affects their community, local economy and other social implications. The Kirtland’s warbler is a conservation success story right here in northern Michigan. A migratory songbird, the Kirtland’s warbler will only nest in large stands of young jack pine, mostly in a few counties more...


Community Partners: Hubbard Lake Sportsman & Improvement Association, MSU Extension, 4-H Youth Development Program

Since 1999, the Hubbard Lake Sportsman and Improvement Assoc. has put 800+ fish shelters in Hubbard Lake. We are investigating the condition and design of these structures to see if changes are needed. We are also researching how they are performing as structure for all aquatic organisms, especially fish. Invasive species more...

Japanese Knotweed
Jan Samanek

Community Partners: Huron Pines

Numerous invasive plant species are causing significant harm to Northeast Michigan natural communities. Huron Pines is coordinating an Invasive Species Removal Program focusing on phragmites, Japanese knotweed and garlic mustard. Huron Pines also coordinates removal efforts of purple loosestrife, buckthorn, autumn olive, wild parsnip and spotted knapweed. Because many of these more...

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Teachers! Here is a great way to get your classes involved with a regional initiative for environmental and Great Lakes stewardship with strong support from a resource-rich network in northeast Michigan. See below for details and who to contact if you want your class to experience a hands-on project that benefits more...

lobelia cardinalis -  Cardinal Flower
lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal Flower
David G. Smith

Community Partners: Friends of Negwegon State Park, Michigan DNR - Parks and Recreation

The Friends of Negwegon State Park would like to utilize teachers, students and school greenhouses for seed collection, seed propagation and installation of native plants. These same individuals could also help with developing the signage that would be found on the trails and with creating an inventory of the species that more...

Pitcher's Thistle at Thompson's Harbor State Park
One of fewer than 20 individual plants at Thompson's Harbor
Brandon Schroeder

Community Partners: Michigan DNR - Parks and Recreation

Thompson's Harbor provides habitat for a variety of federally listed Threatened Plants including the Pitcher's Thistle (Cirsium pitcheri), the Dwarf Lake Iris (Iris lacustris) and Houghton's Goldenrod (Solidago houghtonii).  NEMI GLSI invites interested schools and community partners to contact us to discuss the development of a monitoring and conservation project for more...

Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary
Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary

Community Partners: Alpena River Center, Michigan DNR - Fisheries Division, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Michigan Sea Grant

This project will explore the nutrient inflows and outflows of the Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary, and culminate in on-the-ground management activities that seek to reverse the eutrophication of this critical natural and cultural resource. The 500-acre Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary is plagued by invasive aquatic plants, principally Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum).  Additionally, several more...


What is needed from B-WET educators and students? Groups of students will wade or use boats to float sections of the watershed included in North American Hydro Project Waters (6 sites) to identify streambanks that are eroded. Some sites have been previously identified and should be checked again. One adult or high more...

Garrett Noyes, a Huron Pines AmeriCorps participant, evaluates a compromised road-stream crossing on the Thunder Bay River
Garrett Noyes, a Huron Pines AmeriCorps participant, evaluates a compromised road-stream crossing on the Thunder Bay River

Community Partners: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Huron Pines

Where rivers cross underneath roads and bridges, there is a potential for runoff to carry substances like sand and other water contaminants from the road surface into nearby rivers and streams. If proper sediment reduction practices are not implemented, these contaminants can lead to stream bank erosion, reduced spawning habitat for more...


"Entering the Thunder Bay River Watershed.” Those are the words that many travelers will be reading from their vehicles while driving main roads that intersect the watershed’s boundaries. A few years ago the Thunder Bay River Watershed Council decided to purchase the signs and took the initiative to map out road more...

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