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Project Locations

Watershed Studies

Students involved in this project are monitoring the water quality of the Thunder Bay River Watershed. The students have also built underwater ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) for the purpose of conducting research of zebra and quagga mussel populations at shipwreck sites in Lake Huron. 


New to their list of invasive species studies is the lesser known invasive rusty crayfish, which disrupts aquatic habitat and displaces native crayfish species. These "Rusty Raiders" of Alpena Elementary aim to document the distribution and spread of invasive rusty crayfish in their watershed.  CLICK to read the Rusty Raider Fact Sheet and learn more about the research and work of these Rusty Raiders!

Check out the Rusty Crayfish "Most Wanted" poster these students helped write and design with the Michigan Sea Grant to help promote invasive species awareness.  CLICK HERE to see Rusty Crayfish Poster!


Click below for up-to-date progress reports on the student website: WWW.THUNDERBAYRIVERWATERSHEDPROJECT.COM

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