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Students are conducting water analysis of the Sturgeon river, while learning about water Chemistry.
The Owl Green Team is a school garden club. This student led garden functions in many ways. Students plant and maintain a perennial flower and grass garden. Students grow seedlings in the school greenhouse in the Spring and Fall.
High school and elementary students bring awareness to the amazing geology of northeast Michigan.
Environmental Science Students partner in monitoring and developing a watershed management plan for their local Black River Watershed
Alcona FFA members and Agriscience students annually produce approximatly 200 gallons of pure Michigan maple syrup.
Monitor and work to protect federally listed threatened plants in Thompson's Harbor State Park
Monitor and work to manage invasive plants impacting your community
This project will explore the nutrient inflows and outflows of the Alpena Wildlife Sanctuary and culminate in on the ground management activities that seek to reverse the eutrophication of this critical natural and cultural resource
Bingham teachers and students engage in establishing a schoolyard rain garden, promoting water resource awareness and stewardship education
Is your local Marina a certified Clean Marina? Your involvement could enhance environmental stewardship programs and activities at your local marina, while helping your marina achieve certification and status as a Michigan Clean Marina!
A historic railroad grade on school property is being transformed into a place of learning for students of all grades and even those in the community.
Students are trying to make the nature trail a certified habitat through the National Wildlife Federation.
Students are working toward Emerald Status of the Michigan Green School certification program!
Students in 5th-7th grade will be looking at environmentally friendly energy and landscaping in Habitat for Humanity homes
The goal of this project is to foster understanding of the various natural communities at Negwegon State Park beginning with its native plants and moving on to animals, birds and reptiles.
A place to encourage health and wellness for students and community. Get out! Be active! Have fun!
On school grounds we are moving towards a garden, alternative energy, and a recycling program.
We will be working on plant science, health and nutrition, and sustainability projects through: Purchasing a greenhouse; Developing a health and fitness bike trail; Enhancing the school recycling program.
Huron Pines is improving road-stream crossings in the Thunder Bay River to reduce sediment loading and improve fish passage. We would like to involve local schools to monitor physical and biological activity at a minimum of three sites.
Upon discovering, documenting invasive round gobies in Presque Isle County’s Lake Esau, 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources campers launched an investigation to study the impacts of non-native aquatic invaders in this local lake.
Seventy Michigan youth gathered to learn about Michigan’s natural resources through amazing hands-on experiences at the 2011 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp (GLNR).
Huron Pines will complete an erosion site survey in North American Hydro Project Waters from September-December 2012
The Adopt-a-Beach Program is more than just a beach sweep. Teams conduct litter removal and monitoring, and also complete a beach health assessment form that includes science-based observation and testing.
Students use chemical and aquatic invertebrate tests to determine health of Hubbard Lake.
Students use chemical and aquatic invertebrate tests to determine health of the Thunder Bay River
5th grade students are testing and monitoring the health of the near by Thunder Bay River through biological and chemical analysis.
Students will collect the oral histories, help preserve artifacts, and help develop an educational exhibit to encourage stewardship and preservation of the Lake Huron fishery.
We are looking for a few students located within the Thunder Bay River Watershed (TBRW) to look over watershed maps to find locations to place informational highway signs.
The Otsego Conservation District and consultant forester, Lynnwood Stephens, joined Mr. Nate Dionne’s 11th and 12th grade class to learn about forest management at Gaylord Community School’s own Five Lakes Natural Area.
2013 Huron Pines AmeriCorps Member Justin Burchett joined Mr. Nate Dionne’s 11th and 12th grade class to learn about the exciting world of hydroponic agriculture, including the environmental benefits over traditional agriculture.
First grade students learn about the life cycle of frogs and the importance of saving wetland habitats.
Alcona High School Industrial Arts teacher, Chuck Boyer, is getting the local community involved in his woodshop program through placed based education.
Alpena High School industrial arts teachers Scott MacKenzie and Zach Grulke are getting their students involved in the local community through placed based education.
Alcona seventh and eighth graders are working to educate their local community on threatened and endangered species that can be found at Negwegon State Park.
Hillman 5th graders are working as part of the Thunder Bay River Watershed Project monitoring the health and quality of the river through chemical, physical and biological testing.
7th and 8th grade students are visiting multiple sites along the upper waters of the Thunder Bay River to monitor river health.
4th grade students from Besser Elementary visit Duck Park/Island Park twice a year to learn and monitor river health.
NOAA's B-WET program is an environmental education program that promotes locally relevant, experiential learning in the K-12 environment.
Roger City High School welding and woodshop instructor Mandy Munger is getting her students involved in the local community through placed based education.
Woodworking students are working to enhance the aesthetic beauty of their local community by rebuilding benches throughout down town Inland Lakes.
Oscoda Middle School students are stepping up and becoming natural resources leaders in their local watershed through place based education.
Teachers and students from Alcona Community Schools, local volunteers and community partners have come together to make a difference in their community!
6th Grade students utilize the school's Outdoor Education Site to learn about the diverse ecosystem near their school and have a positive impact on the creek habitat through environmentally conscious management
Students at Cheboygan Middle School are getting an up-close look at some prehistoric creatures!
Oxbow Creek runs through ACES Academy school grounds, and the students are testing chemical and biotic factors throughout the year.
Alpena High Schools Chemistry students apply their learning to Lake Huron to collect and analyze micro-plastics from Thunder Bay.
Students from Au Gres-Sims Elementary have joined interested community partners to monitor the health of the East Branch of the Au Gres River from head waters to its outlet in Lake Huron.
Determine the efficiency and longevity of existing fish structures
From Sturgeon on Loan, to raising Lake Trout in the classroom, these 5th graders focus on the most wanted species in Lake Huron.
This program offers three lesson plans designed to give students place-based education opportunities that develop local stewardship and environmental awareness of watersheds and the factors that directly affect their environment.
An opportunity for middle school students to study the jack pine habitat of the endangered Kirtland’s warbler and foster understanding of why agencies use various management practices.
Start Next School Year Outdoors with the September Adopt-a-Beach™ Event
In partnership with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Friends of the Lake Huron Watershed, and Lafarge, 3rd graders from Hinks Elementary are learning to fish and cast, while exploring the natural habitats in the flooded quarry.
In a green space outside of their school, 3rd graders and pre-schoolers have decided to restore the school Nature Area and create a learning space with benches.
4-H Student Stewards received a grant to increase STEM awareness during the summer of 2014.
Alcona 4-H student stewards and middle school students from Alcona Community Schools contribute to study of endangered Hine's Emerald Dragonflies.
4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Camp campers gain science and career experience while helping to map invasive plants threatening biodiversity within Lake Huron’s coastal wetland habitats.
Student Stewards getting involved with Underwater Robotics!
Butterflies offer citizen science opportunity for even the youngest at Alcona Community Schools.
Gaylord and Johannesburg students learn about forestry, agriculture, and water quality!
Our vision is to create a community garden to foster opportunities for community engagement, education, connections with nature, and support economic growth within the community.
Welcome to Northeast Michigan where students are doing amazing things – protecting their environment, enhancing their communities, and enriching their own learning and lives.
Raising Awareness about the Danger of Plastic Bags in the Great Lakes
Preserving and Raising Awareness about Alpena’s History in the Automotive Industry
Onaway School community learning about fishes of the Great Lakes and Michigan through Morganne's awesome aquaria
Monitoring seasonal wetlands across northern Michigan
Raising Lake Sturgeon, Chinook Salmon, and Lake Trout in the classroom to help our fisheries!
Creating a culture of conservation at the school while raising community awareness
Based in Alpena raising awareness about the importance of REFUSING plastic
Sharing professional development opportunities abroad
2016 Theme #WaterIs... Students developed films explaining what Water meant to them!
2017 Theme #BiodiversityIs... Students developed films explaining what Biodiversity meant to them!
2018 Theme #SanctuariesAre... Develop a film explaining what Sanctuaries mean to you!
2019 Theme #ExplorationIs... Develop a film explaining what Exploration means to you!
2020 Theme #GreatLakesAre
2021 Theme #FreshwaterIs... Develop a film explaining what freshwater resources mean to you!
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