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Atlanta Students stand by their water quality display
Atlanta Students stand by their water quality display
Brandon Schroeder - Michigan Sea Grant



Date: May 21, 2013


Student-led water studies and stewardship projects shine at Northeast Michigan Youth Watershed Summit

Nearly 200 students from across northeast Michigan convened in Alpena on Tuesday to showcase and share their water science studies and stewardship projects to one another through displays and presentations. These students, who have spent the year studying water quality and water-related human impact within their respective watershed, gathered to celebrate the diverse attention that our rich Great Lakes and freshwater resources are receiving through place based education in northeast Michigan. Each class gave a presentation on the methods and contribution of their individual stewardship project, shedding light on how the issue of water quality extends to all schools and communities.


“The value of events like the Youth Watershed Summit,” says Daniel Moffatt, school liaison with the Northeast Michigan GLSI, “is that these experiences provide real-world learning opportunities for students and introduce them to the community as valid partners who address important environmental stewardship issues.” Through their projects, students are fostering a better understanding on the social, economic, and environmental importance of Michigan’s water resources, and also realizing how the Great Lakes and people are inextricably interconnected.


Throughout the day, the students were the primary audience and also the key contributors to the message of water stewardship, but during the year they had worked in important community partnerships with organizations such as: US Fish & Wildlife Service, Michigan Sea Grant, NOAA's Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Michigan's Department of Natural Resources, Huron Pines, 4-H Youth programs and the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative.


Funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative through a grant secured by the Northeast Michigan Council of Governments and the Great Lakes region of NOAA Education's B-WET Program, eleven schools across seven counties attended the summit, all representing the growing network of watershed education efforts connected regionally through the Northeast Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. See more about the initiative at www.nemiglsi.org

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